Water treatment

Together our partner HIDROTEC, we design, manufacture, install and maintain water treatment equipment with our own technology engineering. In addition through the technology we used membranes for desalination by reverse osmosis. Micro/ultra/nano-filtration, transfer of gases (removalO2/CO2- carbonation/oxygenation). Selective ion removal by ion resins, ozone and UV enters other activities.

Identify the needs of our customers and implement the best solutions in our commitment, reduce energy consumption and operating costs for a better efficiency of our equipment that can be installed inside sea containers 20’ or 40’ according to the size of the installation with air conditioning for outdoor use without civil works.



Desalination of brackish and saltwater.

Chlorinated freshwater.

Ozone disinfection.

UV disinfection.

Irrigation system with ozonized water.

Boron removal for irrigation water.

Fluid of filtration.



Ventilation with renewable energy

Together our partner Sunny International Power Limited we distribute ventilation systems with photovoltaic energy for domestic and industrial uses.


Crushing and classification of aggregate and aggregated

Our Partner Guerrero, specialist in the manufacture of machinery crushing and screening of aggregate and aggregates, it is a leader in price and quality.


Our range of rubber has the most common varieties in the industry.



® Registered trademark by Dupont Dow Elastomer.






The range of our profiles goes 1cm2 to 600cm2 with the possibility of several components.



As profiles we supply griddle you need with the right formula, constant quality, in widths up to 2000mm. In order to cover the drums of high quality and it is manufactured with a width of 1600mm.


PAVIMENTOSOur range of rubber floor coverings covers most typical uses in the decoration and industry and it includes pavements thick ethylene-vinyl acetate high density, specific to the gym, nurseries and others. Special specifications are manufactured with flame retardants or dielectrics.


DEFENSASWithin the large pieces of rubber, port defenses are one of our specialties, we provide defenses and bollards for mulled large ship, tugs and floating fenders.


MOLDEADOSWe will solve the most complicated, small or large in many ways as we can vulcanizing parts up to 12.5m pieces of length.


MANGUERASHoses specially designed for your need according working conditions specifying us. They are manufactured with or without flanges normalized flanges in sections of 12,5m, maximum length of 3” until 48” of diameter.

Our hoses are used to transport oil, hydrocarbons, chemicals, aggregates, minerals suspension, dredging and others.


TELASOur fabrics for screens are made to measure, with the structure of nylon or metallic armor.



The rubber bands sell as agents for Spain Cannon blets BV; they are manufactured in Europe with high quality tissue in EP resistance 100 to 630N/mm and broad of 400 to 2.200mm.

We have normal rubber qualities resistant fats and oils, flame-proof quality resistant to temperature of 130°C and special grades for mining.

We have synthetic gangs PTFE/ Glass Fabric/ Film/ Kevlar. For a temperature range of -170°C to +260°C resistance to UV infrared and microwave.













Rubber profiles and silicone

It is a range of profiles that we can use as it is very wide, we also have the possibility of making a profile to its measure as it is as you can see the photos above.


Flexible tanks



We sell this product of  ThecnoFlex since 1957 flexible manufacturing tanks, and today this product is lighter and resistant to market. We have water reserves for consumption, storage of liquid fertilizers, water leachate, process water, and fuels such as diesel, fuel oil, biofuels and others. The tanks are self-supporting, it is placed directly on a horizontal surface, with a quick and easy installation use and a storage tank to 100m3 weighs only 230 kg.





Logistics solutions in plastic

  • Plastic pallets in single-use or export of no returnPALETS2
  • Plastic pallets with multipurpose and returns
  • Material handling



Plastic pallets in single-use or export of no returnPALETS

This material is made of plastic PO. In this way we can offer pallets lightweight, nestable pallets so take up very little space and have a lot of capacity at a competitive price and they give their presentation with and delivery better quality commensurate with their products.


Plastic pallets with multipurpose and returns

Our logistics pallets are surprisingly for high durability and the number of rotations offering in the distribution. They are ideal in closed circuits because it has a highly automated system, and is a very thin product quality.


Material handling

This section includes boxes, plastic containers and a wide range of plastic pallets, it has high shelf warehouses, pooling services for pharmaceutical industries for the distribution of the agricultural sector, and the automotive industries and it has many other uses.