Mini wind power Generation

Wind Energy turbine Humming bird is a reference to the mini wind generation, uses a system Direct Drive without straps and pinions with an alternating current generator, synchronous direct drive, low speed, permanent magnet, 3-phase continuous work. (power and frequency variable depending on the wind speed.)


Specification Modelo
5kW 10kW
Startup wind speed 3m/s
To begin generating speed 3.5m/s 12,6Km/h
Speed to stop the generation 15m/s  54Km/h
Potency 5kW 10kW
Maximum potency 6.5kW 14kW
Maximum wind speed
Design 54m/s 194Km/h
About tested 31m/s 112Km/h
Overspeed control
Automatic rerouting of rotor    14-25m/s
Speed of the rotor   160-250 rpm
Diameter of the rotor 5,58m   /   7,30m


E1 E2 E3




Passive protection of wind-gravity.

The wind deviation control.

Direct drive without gears or belts.

It does not require daily maintenance.

No operating costs.

High efficiency.

Dynamic brake.

Heavy duty construction.

Quiet operation.

Highest reliability.

A long life more than 20 years.

Resistant to corrosion.


Photovoltaic generation

The newest technology available together with a suitable approach to the best technical solution that provides our team, It is the guarantee of an effective solution taking into account the specifications we provide to our customers, this is coupled with a choice of suppliers with high quality standards as we have high prices.

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Classification of renewable resources

It is the study of wind potential that require time and the availability of meteorological towers. Likewise , conventional wind flow models are inaccurate to the wind regime and are highly variable, and even it is moderately complex land area, their accuracy declines substantially with distance from the nearest observation tower, the use of meteorological towers with mesoscale modeling techniques and microscale offer a very effective solution to all these problems.

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