.What we do:



We have the ability to assume projects and find solutions to the industry. Bearing in connection with polyvalency across different sectors of acting. which it has made us a major supplier of services, materials, engineering and industrial installations positioned perfectly.

The growth of CauchoTec during these years it has been thanks to our constant innovation in our proper training with a great commitment to service and excellent relationship with our customers betting on new technologies and materials of the last generation.

We are located in Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean and Africa. Our goal is to resolve all your problems with a personal attention.

The new market with challenges and technology have become more important when technical services have qualified with a personalized comprehensive care to ensure productivity for expansion of your company.


 . Who we are:


Cauchotec born in 2004 with 35 years of experience in the area of rubber and it has been growing with great experience in the configuration, adaptation and installation it used in machinery equipment in specialized sectors such as environment, shredding, classification and also Investments & Real Estate. We have specialized professionals in each specialist area, among others.

CauchoTec has adapted to market’s demand to new compound materials and generation technology. and we also have associated factories in Germany, France, Portugal and Spain, and with a and new integrated system manufacturing and logistics we get the shortest time in the supply market.

Currently the department of engineering and machinery of Cauchotec It is a consulting firm of industrial engineering, environmental and energy applications.

We have a great team of professionals qualified for this job because our experience is the basis of our success and also these years we have expanded our business with an office located in Morocco.

 . Our management:



Pedro Madrid

Chief Executive Officer. Company’s Directorate since 30 years.




Gerardo Huerta Maza

Deputy Director, Chief Operating Officer and Director of operations in South America North America and the Caribbean.

Francisco Montoya

Deputy General Manager. It is responsible for the operations in Americas and the Middle East.


Architect. She is in charge of the department of materials for construction and civil engineering.




José Antonio Martínez

Industrial Engineer. Professor of the Polytechnic University in Cartagena. He is in charge of the department of engineering and facilities.

Jon Zubiaur

Commercial Delegate for Basque countries.

Hicham Fernández

Commercial delegate in the Maghreb.

 . Our values:


Our clients are our reason to be. We always consider our customer at the time of working daily and we have a code of ethics based on six pillars and all our employees must observe.


We are unique because of the constant an effort to learn and get, our work is a symbol of excellence.


We used all the technical resources for a system of teamwork and successful results and ensure the trust of our customers.


We encourage the working in team bonding generosity and the feel of pride to stay in this company


We treat them with respect all people and we appreciate the variety of ideas, beliefs and opinions.They integrate their diversity in the globalized world as this enriches us both in cultural and social for the benefit of our company and our customers.


we are accountable for our actions.


We keep our customers with a relationship of trust and mutual understanding maxima, which allows us to advise a more efficient and adapt to their need for better business with a completely personalized service and secure commitment.